Sounds of Summer: London 2020

Sounds of Summer: London 2020 


In March 2020 as life started to adapt to lockdown, one noticeable difference was how London’s soundscape began changing; the sounds of nature began to override the sounds of traffic, people and the usual hustle and bustle of London life. 

As the world begins to revert to how life was before COVID-19, will the sounds of London revert too? Or will the effect of COVID-19 be heard in a new way? 

At Layers of London we’re interested in capturing the post-lockdown sounds of Summer 2020 and are looking for volunteers to record and map the soundscape of their area.  


As a Sounds of Summer volunteer, we will be asking you to record short sound clips (up to 30 seconds) at various locations in your area including parks/open spaces, high streets, stations and any iconic spaces in your bit of London. We would like a range of recordings including mornings, afternoons and evenings to capture the changing soundscapes throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with recording equipment, but ask that recordings are made using your own devices. 

If interested, please contact the Layers of London team [email protected] for further info and to agree an area of London to map.