New volunteer opportunity with Strandlines (KCL, 3 month placement)

Can you help add layers to the Strand?

Compared to other parts of London, the Strand is somewhat under-populated with stories and photographs from across the ages.

So Strandlines have teamed up with Layers of London to encourage you – yes, you reading this! – to add your personal stories and memories, or favourite histories, to the map. 

Faithorne Newcourt and Tudor Map layered together

Volunteer for Layers of London and Strandlines this summer!

We’re  looking to recruit a volunteer to work closely with both the Strandlines and Layers of London teams to delve into some archival research about places on the Strand, and fill this lovely map with engravings, paintings, documents, and more. You’ll get access to various archives, support from both teams, and travel expenses reimbursed. Take a look at our volunteer brief (below) , and if you would like to be involved, or would just like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Applicants should send an informal email to [email protected] explianing their interest in the role and relevant skills/experience. Applicants will be contacted on the 24th May if successful for an informal meeting with the project team.


Strandlines Layers of London Brief(2) (1)