New, free education resources from Layers of London

Layers of London brings you free teacher and student packs to support Key Stage 2 and 3 students create their own class collections.

These free resources walk students and teachers through the process of researching, choosing, discussing and creating their own class collection on the website, allowing classes to publish and share their local history work online and help contribute to an exciting and pioneering London history crowd-sourcing project!

The student booklets can be worked through independently by students at their own pace and includes interactive, research and group work activities. The teacher booklet is an annotated version of the student booklet with extension task ideas and discussion topics and clear links to the national curriculum. The teacher resource is designed to support teachers whilst using the website and to try and minimise the preparation needed by teachers beforehand.

Layers of London also offers free 1 hour CPD sessions for schools who would like extra support for staff using the Layers of London map, you can book these by contacting the Layers of London team.

We also have developed a esol booklet for students to help exercise their language skills whilst learning about markets in London. 

Students will discuss the topics of markets, compare and contrast markets in different countries and different types of market and exercise using new vocabulary for this context. Students will practice key questions and phrases in pairs and complete comprehension tasks to assess their learning. Students will then all use Layers of London to explore London markets and their local market through the various crowd-sourced history, memories, stories and media.

This resource culminates in a class project to interview their local stall-holders about their jobs and their work.