Layers of London working with Senate House Library: Nathaniel’s new role exploring 18th century London

My Name is Nathaniel Telemaque. I’m the new Senate House Library Intern/ Archival Researcher appointed to the Layers of London team. Usually, you’ll find me in the Senate House Library, tucked away in the special collections, in-between never-ending bookshelves or perhaps at a humble desk with a stack of books, reading, writing and researching all things London.

Essentially I research various different London histories as a means of contributing to the Layers of London website. I photograph, research and write about historical walks, events, biographies and much more. With a focus from 18th century London onwards, I aim to create a rich collection of layered London histories. They will be displayed as ‘records’ and ‘collections’ on the website and later curated into themed walks around the city.

My first month has been great! Senate House Library is an awe inspiring and humble work environment. I am learning a great deal about specialist university library services like archiving and digitisation. My work has also seen me grapple with the ever elusive tasks of obtaining copyright permission (for use of photos). As well as visit and collaborate with other libraries such as the Friends House Library and the London Metropolitan Archives.

Moving forward I hope to continue to engage in robust archival research and geographically zone in on specific parts of London as a way of curating historical walks. Hopefully, you can come along and join me for a walk in the future!