#HistoryOf MySchool – How to get involved

When was my school built?

What did my school look like in the past?

Did anyone famous go to my school?

These are just some of the questions #HistoryofMySchool wants YOU to find the answers to.

What’s #HistoryOfMySchool?

As the name suggests, the idea is for any school in London to contribute a record about the history of their school.

When was your school built? Has it changed throughout time? Do any old photos of the school exist? Has anyone famous been a pupil at the school? Are there any interesting stories about the school?

Whether it's an after school club, a class' local history project or even a team activity for teachers, we would love to see as many schools of all types get involved.

How to get involved?

  • Research the history of your school. Using the historic maps on our Layers of London website, online images (such as Collage - The London Picture Archive) and stories from your school’s own archives, gather together information that tells the history of your school
  • Work as a group to write a short biography of your school. Use any images, film footage and sound recordings to make the history come alive - remember to credit any sources!
  • Upload your work to the Layers of London website and add it to the #HistoryOfMySchool collection
  • Like what you’ve uploaded? Challenge other schools in your area on social media to join in and upload the history of their school, using the hashtag #HistoryOfMySchool

For teachers:

Layers of London is a free crowd-sourced online resource blending geography, history and technology. It encourages individuals to explore historic maps and contribute their own histories, memories and interests.

#HistoryOfMySchool aims to help you deliver your broad curriculum, fitting into History, Geography, PSHE, Design and more. Pupils/Students can research, write and take ownership of their own history, with a published online record.

User guides to exploring the website, creating, and adding content can be downloaded at: www.layersoflondon.org/help-centre

Our guide to adding content can be found here: https://www.layersoflondon.org/help-centre/faqs/how-do-i-add-things-to-the-website 

For more information about the Layers of London Learning Programme visit:  https://www.layersoflondon.org/learning

And to contact the team with any questions, please email [email protected]

Image: Crown Woods School, Greenwich 1973.  (c)  London Metropolitan Archives (City of London Corporation)