Consultation Event – Help us to develop our Layers of London ambassador programme

Want to help preserve little known histories in your local area? Are you the kind of person who knows everyone from the local shopkeeper to the manager of the local youth centre? Do you perform or manage community ambassador roles currently? We need your help engaging London with Layers of London!

We are starting to recruit project volunteers and one of the key roles in enabling us to reach all 32 London boroughs is our Layers of London ambassador role. Ambassadors will ensure interested individuals, groups and organisations engage with Layers of London and get the support they need to contribute to our map-based history project. This role is crucial to the project in representing diverse and varied stories, histories and memories. We hope to recruit 2 community ambassadors for each area of London; South, East, West and North.

The content on our historical map comes from real people, from their research, stories, memories and histories. We need community gatekeepers to put us in touch with groups and people we should be talking to and that know their local areas.

We are asking for people interested in this role, people that have performed/perform similar roles in other organisations and organisations that have experience with these roles to come along to our  Ambassador Consultation to give us feedback on our draft role description and workflow so we can learn from your experience and thoughts before putting in place this important project milestone.

RSVP to: [email protected]

8th October
Wolfson 1, IHR, Senate House