Call for papers – ‘Small steps, Big ideas’ for Bloomsbury festival

We are looking for anyone who has something to share on Bloomsbury's fascinating history that fits the theme of 'Small steps, Big ideas'. Guests might want to share their research, interest, work or experience on hidden histories, change or development in the Bloomsbury area, democratising the local history or the stories of pioneers and ground-breakers.

Guests will share a 5 minute presentation on their subject and then take part in a half an hour panel discussion which will end with questions from the audience. This event will be chaired by the Layers of London project manager Seif El-Rashidi.

If you are interested in taking part please send a 300 word abstract on how your chosen theme/topic/area of research fits into the wider theme of 'Small Steps, Big Ideas', in Bloomsbury. We would be particularly keen on anyone who is willing/has already added this material to the Layers of London map!