Add your photographs of #LockdownLondon to the map!

Add your lockdown photos to Layers of London

There are certain times when we get the sense that we are living through a historical moment and it is safe to say that now is one of those times. The coronavirus crisis has changed the world and changed London and we thought it would be a good idea to record this moment for posterity. So we are asking you to upload a photo of the city these past few strange months. We're interested in seeing:

  • usually busy places empty
  • artistic responses to the lockdown (rainbows, graffiti, posters)
  • people in lockdown
  • anything else that captures this moment

Share your picture by creating your own record, adding the title "#LockdownLondon - *your name/title*", dropping your record on the location of where you first set up when arriving in London. The below set of questions can help guide the type of content we're looking for.

Remember to add your record to the #LockdownLondon collection!

Alternatively, fill in this form and a member of the Layers of London team will add your record to the site for you. Any photo you upload will be shared on the Layers of London site under a Creative Commons licence, you will be credited as the photographer.