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How to work as part of a team

There are different ways to contribute to Layers of London.

  • You can choose to work individually adding records and collections.
  • You can also work in a team with other people that are also interested in the same topic. You might be a voluntary organisation or organisation with more than one member. You can then work on a collection together.
  • You can also choose to make a open collection. This means you can start a collection on a topic such as 'Medieval Croydon' and then anyone who wants to also contribute to this collection so this becomes a open collaborative collection.

You can access these options by going to 'Your profile':

From here, click the 'Teams' tab:

Here you have the option to see what teams you are in, you can apply to join teams that are open to collaborative working or you can create a new team.

If you choose to create a new team you will see this page:

From here you can invite team-mates to join you via email.