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How do I create a good record that others will find useful and interesting?

Make sure it's in the right place

Try to be as accurate as possible when choosing the location for your record.


Add a date to your record

If you have an exact date, that's great, but don't worry if you don't.

Try to be as exact as possible when it comes to the location and date of your record - this is to ensure accuracy of the information we host and because many people will use it for research purposes as a unique historical resource. This will also affect how it shows in users search results as users can search via terms, eras like Victorian, Roman or date range


Think about the title

Your record title should include key words that will help other people find it. For example if you have a record about a famous woman who lived in Kingston, it is best to add 'Kingston' into the title and 'woman' and what she is famous for eg. 'author'. Try and think about what people might be searching for to find your records.


Write a full description

Your description is an important part of the record as it allows other users to learn and engage with your content. The website also searches for words within the description so try to include as many key words as you can.  We don't have a word limit but try and provide enough information so that your record tells a story.


Giving credit is important

Finally, ensure you accredit any content or material that is not yours by filling in the credits and attributions section. You may want to thank people that have consented to sharing their information, link relevant URL's so people can learn more.


Add media and documents

You can add  multiple images, videos, and audio as different media helps a range of people engage with the website in different ways.


A note on how the search works

When website users search, the results of a search will show up in the left hand bar. An exact phrase, for example: 'Red Lion', will appear before records with just the word one matching key word like the word 'Red' or 'Lion'.