#LondonArrivals – What’s your story?

Image (C) Jonathan E. Shaw

London has always been a magnet for new people, whether it's someone moving here from the other side of the world or from a surrounding county.

Layers of London are interested in people's motivations for moving to the capital and would like to capture when people first arrived in London. Where did you come from? When did you arrive? Was London what you were expecting? Was there anything surprising about becoming a Londoner?

Tell your story by creating your own record, adding the title "#LondonArrivals - *your name*", dropping your record on the location of where you first set up when arriving in London. The below set of questions can help guide the type of content we're looking for.

Remember to add your record to the #LondonArrivals collection!

Alternatively, fill in the form below and a member of the Layers of London team will add your record to the site for you.